Flat Lays for your kids

Ok, I’m sure by now everyone has seen a “flat lay” on the internet at some point. Lots of businesses use them for their social media and marketing. Flat lay photography is its own niche. Lots of photographers specialize in it – which I find totally amazing! It’s so much more than just snapping a photo of some stuff on the counter. It is truly an art and it does take some practice – and patience. I love incorporating flat lays into my stuff from time to time. I usually do it on my Instagram. It’s a really fun creative outlet for me and I think it could be for you too. That’s why I am giving you a few tips and some ideas on what to capture 😉

So, being a mom of two boys, I am always looking for ways to document them and who they are at different stages. I had the idea that I could use flat lays to document their interests at different ages.

Man oh man I just wish I had started this like, um, 8 years ago. ha ha But it’s never too late so I decided to start now. My youngest is 6 and is into the typical boys stuff… superheros, nerf guns, legos, books and cats. Yes, cats. If he could have designed this board himself it would probably be just cat stuff. He’s a little obsessed with cats and has a heart of gold so naturally, I think its insanely cute. Any who, I grabbed up the toys and certain items that hold value to him right now and I decided to make a flat lay of it. Below is how it turned out.

Next I decided to do my oldest child who is 8 right now. He is into basketball, pokemon, pokemon, pokemon, and superheros. Also, he played on a basketball team this year for the first time and it was a huge deal to him so I decided to use the little metal that he got at the end of the season.

 I decided to go back and grab some of their baby stuff and do some flat lays of that as well. I think it would be really cool if I had every year documented this way using all the things that they where into at the time. It would be a great reminder as to who they were and what the liked at their different ages. I’m sure by the time they are teenagers I will just plop their cell phones right in the middle and take a picture of that, but for now, while they are still kids it makes for a fun and creative picture.

If you want to start doing this for your kiddos here are some helpful tips:

  1. Good lighting is a must! Try to have light on all sides so there are no crazy shadows. Stand right next to a window when you are inside.
  2. Balance and composition. Any good design has these elements. Play around and see what looks best. Don’t put all t he big items on one side and smaller things on the other- mix it up.
  3. Color. Try to have colors that coordinate or compliment each other. You could also do a whole display in one color and it all be monochrome.

Also, I took all of these photos on a whiteboard that I got from a craft store. That is what most people use when there is a white background. You can mix it up though! Be creative and try something new!


Till next time,


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