Health and Safety

I take the health and safety of young your children extremely seriously. I have been photographing families for over 5 years and opened my studio two years ago. Sanitation and cleanliness in my studio have always been my top priority since the beginning. Things like sanitizing toys, cleaning props, sanitizing the floor and linens after every shoot has ALWAYS been done – not just since coronavirus has been around.

Below is a full list of my sanitizing and cleanliness practices:

  • Use hand sanitizer before and throughout the session
  • Always wash studio linens and clothing after every use
  • Sanitize all studio props and toys with Clorox after every session
  • I swipe down my studio couch and door knobs with Clorox after every session
  • I constantly clean and sanitize my camera and lenses – they get a lot of use!
  • Clean the studio floors after every session
  • I ask that client please leave shoes outside the studio – if you wish to wear shoes for your session – I ask that you please sanitize the bottoms of them at home, place in a bag and put on in the studio. Trust me, I know this is a pain – but I have babies and toddlers on my floor all the time and this is the best way to keep it as clean and sanitary as possible.
  • I never have and never will photograph a session if I am not feeling well or running a fever – and I ask you do the same 🙂
  • GLOVES: I do not wear gloves and I will not. I am firm on this. I strongly believe it is better for me to use sanitizer through the session than to wear gloves.
  • MASKS: I wear a mask at the session. Obviously if I am photographing you – you will not be wearing a mask 😉


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