Maternity sessions are best to do between the weeks of 29-36 of you pregnancy. If you have any questions about your custom session then I'd love to hear from you. I have a small collection of gowns that can be worn that will flatter and showcase your beautiful figure.


Newborn sessions typically take place in the first 10 days of life. It is best to give them a nice big feeding right before the shoot so that they are sleepy and content during the session. I have a collection of neutral wraps and blankets that I bring to my sessions, however if you have any sentimental blankets or other options I encourage use of those as well. I like to include parents and siblings in a few of the photos as well. I encourage solid colored clothing. Crazy patterns and colors tend to distract from yourprecious newborn. Also, it's not a bad idea to have a backup clothing option for yourself... newborns are known to go potty whenever they feel like it ;)


The best way to prepare for a family session is to schedule your session around the childrens schedule. Well rested and fed children are the happiest! I am not above bribes! I bring along little trinkets, stickers, and treats to ensure cooperation. 

I suggest wearing solid color clothing and staying away from logos or large graphic tees. Choose clothing that is simple and comfortable... your family will thank you!

If you have any other questions I'd love to discuss outfit options in further detail with you. Also, depending on the location I can offer suggestions for a good color palet. 

"This was the most fun we have had taking photos! Samantha was wonderful with our boys and we will cherish these photos she captured always."

-Leslie Cupit