Being Thankful in 2020 (Plus Sneak Peeks of Mini Sessions at Walker Ranch Park)

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Being Thankful in 2020 

It’s no secret that this year has been rough for just about every single person I know. Between the pandemic and virtual learning and everything else that has happened, there might not be a lot of people who are focused on being thankful in 2020. But me? I am absolutely focused on being thankful in 2020, because this year has shown me so much about myself, and how family really is the most important thing in the world.

I truly am thankful for so many things this year. Without struggle there is no progress, right? Well, I know we have all had our fair share of struggles this year, myself included. However, I think it makes this time of year more rich in gratefulness. November was BUSY for me; they say November is for photographers what April is for accountants and I totally agree with them! Being so busy has caused me to really evaluate what I want to do with my time off, to make the most of it and cherish that valuable time.

Let me be perfectly clear: I cherish my family time. My husband is a restaurant manager who works nights and weekends like I do, so sometimes we have to get creative as a family on when we all get to be together. One of our favorite things to do is have family movie night. We have definitely burned though a lot of movies this year, haha! We often watch movies from the 80’s and 90’s and share them with our sons… its something that brings us great joy.

So without further adieu, these are things that I am most thankful for in 2020:

1.) That I have career – and that it is thriving! Photography is a luxury and I know this year, many people put luxuries on the backburner (and rightfully so!). I am incredibly thankful to be an in-demand newborn and family photographer in San Antonio!

2.) That my husband still has his restaurant job. So many of his colleagues around the country were not so lucky, and my heart broke for each restaurant that closed its doors this year.

3.) We are all healthy – and not just that we don’t have covid, but like healthy healthy – no cancer, no heart problems, no chronic illnesses. I know what an absolute blessing that is.

4.) Growth in patience – just me, this was not warranted but it’s been a happy result of 2020.

5.) Contentment – once again, 2020 has opened my eyes on how content I am and how happy I am in my life and with my family.

And, because I am always so thankful for my incredible clients, I want to share just a few sneak peeks of November’s mini sessions at Walker Ranch Park!

Mini Sessions at Walker Ranch Park

family session at walker ranch park in san antonio
smiling toddler with pink hair bow
kids running around parents while parents look at each other pose at mini sessions at walker ranch park
happy boy girl siblings
joy filled family of four mini session
family of four on blanket for family photos at walker ranch park
family of four walking together hand in hand looking at each other at mini sessions at walker ranch park
brothers portraits in front of cactus
mom hugging her two sons portrait

Samantha Sloan is a family photographer in San Antonio, proudly serving the families of Texas. If you’d like to know more about booking a mini photography session in San Antonio, send me an email!

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