Newborn Photo Sessions – Everything You Need to Know

Newborn photo Sessions - Everything You Need To Know  When Booking With Samantha Sloan Photography

Newborn Photo Sessions – Everything You need To Know


In this blog post we are going to discuss Newborn Photo Sessions – Everything You Need To Know to ensure your session goes smoothly! People typically contact me to book their baby’s newborn session a few months before their due date. You can choose to have your newborn photo session either in-studio or at your home. 

For in-home newborn sessions – I will need about 30 minutes for set up before your session time. I will also need to be in a room with lots of bright natural light. Not sure if your home has enough light? No worries, you can text me pictures before your session so we can find the perfect spot!


Mini Newborn Sessions:

A mini newborn session is just that – mini 🙂 My mini newborn session are about 1-1.5 hours long. During these sessions, your baby will be wrapped only – no nude poses on my posing beanbag are included in the mini session. Your baby will have his/her diaper on for the whole session. Use of props is included as well as an optional sibling pose or parents pose. Below is an example of a poses done for my mini sessions.

San Antonio Photographer Showing Image Used For A Mini Newborn Session
Swaddled Newborn Baby Girl Posing For Pictures

FULL Newborn Session:

My full newborn sessions last about 2-3 hours and include use of props, posing beanbag, and pictures with both parents and siblings. The reason the posing beanbag is only available for the full newborn sessions, is because there is a lot more time, care and technicality involved with those kind of images. See below for an example of the kind of images that can be created with use of the posing beanbag. It must be mentioned that while I do my very best to produce the kind of images that you request and the poses that you would like – I cannot guarantee that your baby will be willing to shift into certain poses. I always let your baby guide me on what they are comfortable with and capable go 🙂 I never force a baby into a position if they seem uncomfortable.

San Antonio Newborn Photographer Samantha Sloan

Newborn Photo Sessions – PLANNING 

Start thinking about outfits. I have tons of wraps, swaddles, and rompers for your baby. If parents are going to be photographed, then they need to figure out what to wear. I encourage my moms to wear something they feel comfy in (trust me, you wont regret it!) and pretty at the same time. Find something that works for you and then build off of that for the rest of the family. I suggest choosing solid colors with little pattern. Neutrals always photograph well.

Please include anything sentimental to the session that you would like to incorporate. This could be a bow, an outfit, or maybe a prop.

As far as choosing a time of day – I find that most babies do best in the morning. Planning your photo session around nap and meals times is crucial. 

Once we have landed on a date and time, you will receive an email with a quote, studio policies and invoice. Once the invoice is paid – you are officially booked!

Newborn Photo Sessions – AFTER BABY ARRIVES

 Please have a loved one call me when you deliver. I like to know that you and baby are healthy and I can start looking at my calendar to send you dates for your ideal session time.

The day of the shoot, please go about your normal routine. Do not worry about keeping baby awake or timing your feeding schedule perfectly. You do not need to bathe the baby before the session. Moms usually have to feed at some point during the session and that is a-ok! Diaper changes, feedings and soothing during the session is part of the newborn photography experience sometimes 🙂 P.S. – I am very used to getting peed and pooped on – and I have no problems with it whatsoever! 😉

At the start of the session, I will have a plan on order of operations depending on if the baby is due to wake up soon, feed or maybe needs a change. I like to do family shots first with parents and siblings, then move onto prop shots (I use bowls, baskets and beds for props),and then (if doing a full session) pose baby on my posing beanbag (the posing beanbag is what I use to capture those precious sleepy shots).

Notice I said morning above 😉 That is because, for whatever reason, I find that mornings are the smoothest time for photos. Those fresh little humans seem to prefer to be up all night and sleep all day – so I try to take advantage of that, and do sessions in the mornings when babies are typically in a more sleepy state than afternoons. 

Newborn Baby Girl Posing For Pictures In The Samantha Sloan Photography Studio

Full sessions last about 2-3 hours. Mini sessions are 1-1.5. The reason it can take this long is due to diaper changes, feedings, and trying to get the baby to fall asleep. In order to achieve certain poses, baby must be in a deep sleep. While I do my best to accomplish this, I cannot guarantee that your baby will be sleeping soundly during the whole session or that I will be able to capture any certain poses – but I certainly try my best! There is a lot of time spent on me trying to set up the shot before I even snap a photo. 

Also, I run a heater when photographing baby can be nice and warm during the session, so please come prepared knowing it may get a little warm during the session. I also use a susher, tons of hand sanitizer and wipes throughout the session as well.

If you can bring the soothie pacifier the hospital sent home please do so. I have extra unopened soothies in the studio as well for back ups. If you prefer not to use soothies, I completely respect that!

Newborn Baby Being Photographed By San Antonio Photographer In Stone Oak Studio

Newborn Photo Sessions – AFTER THE SESSION

After your session you get to go home, relax, and get excited for the sneak peeks that will come your way! I post my sneak peeks on my Instagram and Facebook pages. This is a great way to share photos your little one with friends and families. You can expect to see your sneak peak within 48 hours.

My turnaround time is usually 7-10 business days. There is a lot of editing involved with newborn photography and I hand edit every single image in order to make it JUST right 😉

San Antonio Newborn Baby Holding Heart While Being Photographed For Photography Session

I deliver your digital files to you in a gallery powered by Shootproof. Not only can you view, download and share your photos from there, but you can also order any professional prints at that time.

When you receive your online gallery, I will also send along directions on how to download your images, tips for keeping them safe, as well as how to order prints and products.

I offer professional prints through my ordering system. These are great quality and come from my pro lab and are delivered right to your door!

Referral Program

Now that you’ve been through the process its time to tell your friends and family about your experience! Referrals are an essential part of my business and I am extremely grateful for them!! As a thank you, every time you send me someone and they book, YOU get a $50 credit on your next session! Credit is good for any photo session and does not expire!

Everything you Need To Know About Planning You Newborn Photography Session

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