It is so nice to know that after those 9 long months of being uncomfortable and well, frankly miserable at times - that you will end up with a great reward. And let me tell you mama- your reward IS COMIN'! When that baby gets here you will be so in love. As a mama of two I can attest to just how fast it goes.

They grow so much that first month. You will be absolutely shocked at how quickly they change. Thats why I like to photograph newborns within the first 10-12 days of life. I find it to be the most ideal time because they still look like newborns. Also, they also tend to be more sleepy those first two weeks, which makes it easier to photograph them. Since the most ideal time to have your newborn session is right after you deliver, I encourage you to book your session BEFORE baby arrives. 

Now I am going to be honest... when you arrive at my home studio you will probably be pretty tired. After all, you will have been up around the clock for a week or so taking care of a new baby. That's why I try to make things as comfortable as possible for you when you get here. I have water, coffee and snacks availble while you sit down and take a much deserved break! Oh, and don't worry if you run a little late to the session - in fact, I plan on it ;)

I also offer in-home lifestyle sessions as well! This is when I use your home's natural light and available rooms, such as the nursery or master bedroom, to capture images for your session. This is a great option if you have other children you would like to incorporate into the session and don't feel like packing up th whole crew to bring over to my studio. Lifestyle newborn sessions are typically done without the posing bean bag, but I do bring a few things with me like wraps, bonnets and usually a bowl or basket of sorts.

Please know that I take your baby's saftey very seriously. I am fully vaccinated and have taken an online saftey course provided by Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International. Every year I set aside time for continuing education and make it a priorty to stay up to date with the latest saftey and posing techniques.

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