You’re A Good Mom

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my philosophy

I have a deep desire to speak this truth to fellow moms going through their motherhood journey. Fact: Motherhood is haaaaard. From the moment we conceive, everyone has opinions and pressures put upon us on how to raise our kids. How you should swaddle your baby. Should you bottle feed or breastfeed. When bedtime should be, how you should do this and not do that. It can be too much as a young mother, and it definitely made me a little coo-coo when I was a young mama.


I had my children young. By the time I was 22, I had two boys and I fell deep into postpartum depression and anxiety. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders to be the “perfect mom”. I was constantly questioning myself and my choices as a mother. I would have greatly benefitted from having another caring woman come by my side and tell me that I was doing a good job in the midst of allllllll the crazy those early years offer. Thankfully I managed to pull out of my depression and anxiety (ok, I still struggle with anxiety from time to time #truth), and I realized that I am just trying my best as a mom(whatever that may look like). My trying is what makes me a good mom - and it makes you one too! Looking back, I realized that I could have really used some encouragement along the way. Heck, I still do!


I believe in mom buns, messy cars, cussing when your kids aren't listening, and giving yourself GRACE.


It is my personal goal to speak positivity into the lives of my fellow mamas out there. Especially young moms just starting their journey. So I say it to you today - “You’re a good mom”. You got this! You know better than anyone in the world what your child needs and you are absolutely killing it. Keep being awesome, mama!

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