What Makes A Rainbow Baby

What Makes A Rainbow Baby?

When I tell people that I am going to shoot a newborn session with a “rainbow baby” I often get asked “What is THAT?” while said person stands there with a confused look on their face. Maybe they think it’s some kind of Skittles themed photoshoot. Well, its not…

The fact that they haven’t heard the term is probably an indication that they have not experienced a miscarriage, stillborn, or neonatal death. And those that have (about 25% of women) know what an emotionally dark time it is after having gone through an experience like that.

The term “rainbow baby” started a little over ten years ago. The idea caught on and moms everywhere seemed to love the concept of what it means to have a “rainbow baby”. Giving birth to a “rainbow baby”  represents a beautiful rainbow making its appearance after a dark and stormy time in life.

The most recent “rainbow baby” session I did was for a dear friend that I have known since high school. Sweet Meredith and I were on the volleyball team together back in the day. Now, both boy moms, we are navigating this motherhood journey together.

I asked her to share a little of her story…

“We went in for the first sonogram at 10 weeks and there was no heartbeat. I tried taking the medicine over the weekend to have everything pass on its own but that didn’t work so I had to have a D&C.

This time I had my first sonogram at 7 weeks and I cried when I heard the heartbeat because I was so relieved. The first kick startled me 😂 I did have a lot of moments, especially getting to 10 weeks, where id panic that something was wrong.

The kicks were the most amazing thing to feel, like he was reassuring me he was ok. And every doctors appointment id catch myself holding my breath until I heard the heartbeat.

Hearing the doctor say that I was going to be induced was a huge surprise but also a relief to know he was coming out soon. I loved every minute of being pregnant, even when I felt like crap, because I was so thankful we got another chance.

It’s crazy how it still affects me now, like seeing him makes me wonder what she (it was a girl) would look like and all that. Her due date was my birthday.”

I once read that a person cannot “un-know” what it is like to have a a miscarriage. It’s a complex loss that stays with you long long after the event. Giving birth to a healthy baby after a miscarriage doesn’t un-do the loss, but its the celebration of coming through a tumultuous time and the rejoicing of the new season that lies ahead.

Now Meredith has her sweet Paul. As you can see below he is an absolute doll. He made his way into the world on October 16th 2019

San Antonio "rainbow baby"

San Antonio newborn baby boy photoshoot

macro photography of San Antonio newborn baby boy
"rainbow baby" being photographed with mom and dad

If you or someone you know is struggling with infant loss, miscarries, or still birth please click over to Through The Heart for support

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